What FlashCMA does for your Real Estate Business no other Comparative Market Analysis program can!

Accurate CMA REPORTS with Automatic Adjustments In Seconds!

Whether you're a rookie or veteran real estate agent the most important aspect of your career is the ability to price your listing for the marketplace and then have it appraise per the contract price. FlashCMA's accuracy helps you do just that and in just a few seconds you can have a FlashCMA report on it's way to your client!

Today, there is simply no other CMA software anywhere in the USA that does what FlashCMA does! If there are comps out there FlashCMA will search the MLS and find the right comps for you instantly. FlashCMA will then automatically adjust them with the correct actuarial values so that literally in seconds you can be staring at a 10+ page, professional, comprehensive, substantive and most importantly extremely accurate CMA Report built on the same fundamental principles that professional appraisers use!

The 10+ page FlashCMA appraisal like report can then be sent to your client via Text, Print or Save as a PDF to Email.

All other "so-called CMA programs" simply cannot compete with FlashCMA. We are way more than just pretty pictures with no substance!

Emailable and Interactive Reports

FlashCMA gives you the option of emailing an interactive CMA Link directly to your clients. Simply embed the link in an email and your clients then can have access to a FlashCMA report directly from their inbox. They simply click on the link and are brought to one of, if not, the most detailed, informative, and accurate CMA reports that they have ever seen!

FlashCMA's mobile friendly interactive report contains not only spot on accurate subject pricing numbers, but it also contains all of the property data for each of the properties as well as all of the pictures for each property from the MLS. Additionally, the report has an interactive map page with property markers indicating location for each of the properties used in the report. You can feel confident that your clients have all the necessary information needed for a CMA at the click of a mouse on their computer or the tap of finger on their mobile phone!

Render As Pdf

In addition to being able to email the interactive FlashCMA report link directly to your clients FlashCMA also offers two other options for your reports. There is the option to print out your report directly as a hard copy enabling you to bind it and hand deliver the report to your clients when you meet with them face to face. FlashCMA also has the ability for a FlashCMA report to be saved as a PDF document to be used for archiving, printing, or emailing to your clients at a later date.

Another great thing about the program is that once you create a FlashCMA you have the ability to reuse a FlashCMA report for multiple clients. So if you are at an open house and you have created a FlashCMA for another client can simply log on to your FLashCMA account and email or text the link to the report for your new client BEFORE they leave your open house!

Fast, Effective, and Affordable

There is no other CMA program out there that is as fast, effective, and as affordable as FlashCMA! In a matter of seconds you can create and email, or text a FlashCMA report link to your clients. FlashCMA reports are extremely effective as well, containing all of the pertinent information that is needed for proper analysis and not just a bunch of pretty pictures! The valuation numbers that FlashCMA creates are extremely accurate and are what lenders look at. The methodologies used to arrive at the valuations in the reports are sound and are based upon professional property appraisal methods. Not just three sold values averaged together like the other CMA programs that you have used!

FlashCMA is also a program that is affordable as well. FlashCMA will not break your bank account like the other programs that just create reports with only pretty pictures. FlashCMA is a program that you can afford to use not to mention the amount of time that it will save you is just another added benefit to your Real Estate Business!